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twenty-nine crows (朱) action/video

[Itachi has dealt with a lot during his time in Luceti, and he's weathered it all as well as he can. As a ninja, he's been taught to withstand torture, and he had to deal with things that most would never even have to think about.

Sasuke and Naruto had gone home. He's happy for them, really. They're needed elsewhere. But for them to possibly lose all their memories of this place, for Sasuke to be without his mother again and for her to have to know that the son she'd talked to might be gone forever, it's heartbreaking. It's for the best, but his heart aches all the same.

He isn't a materialistic person, either. He could live with nothing but the clothes on his back and be fine. Losing items he's grown attached to is disheartening, but ultimately easy to get over.

Still, as he stands in his yard near the place his greenhouse should be, gently petting the small kitten in his hands that should be a fully grown cat, all but the most oblivious should be able to sense a dark aura of Displeasure about him. He'll stand there for some time, his attention to the cat becoming some small form of meditation.]

[video, later]

[Once he finally returns back inside, he'll spend some time in his living room - with a smoothie of all things, non-alcoholic. The kitten remains in his lap, having given in to the inevitable by now.]

Shifts like this.

It really makes you wonder about the nature of this place.
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[Of course, the loss of Sasuke affected Itachi too. After Kakashi told her everything about the nature of the Uchiha Massacre she's been at a loss. What do you say to someone like that? She doesn't know.

What she does know is she is familiar with loss. And seeing Itachi sitting there with a kitten in his lap and drinking a smoothie... it's almost absurd that this is that same person.]

I've wondered about it even without the Shifts.
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Re: video

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... Tell that to Minato. His Hiraishin is about time-space or whatever it is.