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twenty-eight crows (朱) joint voice (backdated to the 19th)

[The journal clicks on. What follows is a view of House 22’s kitchen and Itachi and Law seated at the kitchen table with the book propped up to capture them both in the camera.

All the arrangements have been pretty much been made. They’ve gone over the ceremony with Konan. Spoken with Rei about using the shrine. Spoken with Sasuke and Mikoto. Delivered wedding invitations to: Gai, Elizabeth (Bioshock), Mia, Luke Skywalker, Katara, Masaomi, Shikamaru, Albert, Raine, Ino, Naruto, Minato, Kushina, Sakura, Kakashi, and Sheena. Now it’s down to the final details such as this. And speaking with Rin regarding using Seventh Heaven for the reception.]

Good morning, Luceti. Itachi and I have a bit of an announcement to make.

[That's a pause, and Itachi realizes he's supposed to continue. He clears his throat, feeling slightly awkward addressing the village about this despite all their preparations. He's not embarrassed, not in the least, but this is merely a courtesy. Plenty here won't even know who he is.]

I am Uchiha Itachi. [A polite bow of the head.] A few days from now, Trafalgar Law and I are going to be wed.

It will not be a large ceremony. We did not wish to involve half the village.

Just the closest people to us. [Itachi isn’t the only person feeling slightly awkward. Journal announcements have never been a favorite activity of Law either.] Though we did want everyone to know the good news. Thank you.

[Filtered 100% to Rin]

We were wondering if it would be alright with you if we host our wedding reception at Seventh Heaven on January 24th? Please let us know if you have any objections to this.

((Replies may come from either Itachi or Law, or both.))
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[She opens her mouth to say congrats but something else bothers her. He's sort of involved the whole village by posting to the network. In any case.]

...You've already told Mikoto and Sasuke, right?

[Seems kind of wrong to make a big announcement to all of Luceti without telling those closest first.]
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Oh. Good.

[...Right. Now she remembers.]

You're probably happy enough for the whole world as it is right now, but I'm really glad for you both.

By the way, did everyone decide to get married at once?
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And sometimes you just want to get married because you've waited long enough.

[Or such was the case with some couples.]
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Or all three.

Have you picked a date yet? I guess it would be hard to, seeing as things are always happening around here. Maybe you can do it when the experiment is when people can make flowers appear out of nowhere or something.
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[And Minato's birthday! Which is why she looks a little surprised.]

Of this month?
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That's soon. That's just a few days away.

[She feels the need to point that out even though they probably already know.]

You really do want to get married.
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[Oh, that makes more sense. They only just told everyone now.]


The sooner, the better anyway. There's no reason to wait if you think it's the right time.
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[One day, nobody will have to worry about those jerks the Malnosso anymore.]

So who's going to marry you guys? I mean, who's going to be the pastor? I'd offer Minato but I don't think he has any idea how to do that. And I haven't heard anyone on the network mentioning anything about it.
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[Seems like everything's figured out. Hopefully, they'll stay that way.]

Yeah, and I wouldn't want Minato to do it either.
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[Color her surprised. She's not expecting that. Everything about her warms a little more, even her tone.]

Wouldn't miss it.
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Here and there.

But I bet she likes talking with you and Sasuke more.
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voice; cries and tags from phone

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Not for me. Naruto is my friend too.
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[She did give him the responsibility of being the nine-tails jinchuriki and wasn't there to make sure he knew he was loved tho.

He doesn't... sound happy.]

Are you okay?


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